Change your perspective, change your life

Hypnotherapy & Coaching

Wouldn’t you love to overcome your challenges and live a happier, more optimistic and fulfilled life? If you are trying to cope with anxiety or depression, living through chronic pain or illness, getting through trauma, grief or dealing with phobias, fears or dependencies, we can help.

We get to where we are in life along our own unique journey. Along that journey, we have naturally formed our personal set of beliefs, patterns, habits and ways of coping with the world. They form our own personal inner perspective, and this perspective can unfortunately be the source of our challenges.

When our personal perspective is working for us, those aspects of our life seem easier and more satisfying. However, when our inner perspective is unhelpful or distorted, it can lead to challenging issues for us, and we can find it very difficult to see our way through.

At Powerful Perspectives, we use strategic hypnotherapy and coaching to help you change your personal inner perspective, leading to meaningful, significant and lasting improvements. Together we can overcome your challenges and break through to a better life.

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Managing Anxiety & Stress?

It seems that anxiety and stress are affecting so many people these days. Anxiety can be confusing and overwhelming, and can easily make life feel restricted and isolated. Break through your anxiety and live a life of greater freedom and ease.

Experiencing Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is so often misunderstood, even by medical professionals. Living with chronic pain is tiring, frustrating and can be depressing on top of the pain itself. Wouldn’t it be great to experience long-lasting relief?

Unhelpful Habits or Dependencies?

Our unconscious mind can easily adopt unhelpful habits, such as smoking, excess food or alcohol, dependence on medications, gambling and more to help us cope. Why is it so hard to regain control?

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Significant rebates are available for clients with approved mental health care plans and/or medical referrals. Ask us for more information.