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Dealing with Chronic Pain

Living your life in chronic pain is tiring, frustrating and often completely misunderstood by others, sometimes even the ones who are closest to us. Wouldn’t it be great if our family, friends and medical professionals could really understand what it’s like to live with pain? Wouldn’t it be even better to experience long-lasting relief?

You may be the person suffering from chronic pain, or you may be someone who cares for a person in this terrible situation. In either case, you may have already tried many different approaches, perhaps going from one doctor or specialist to another, always hoping that this will be the one that works for you.

Often your hopes will be dashed, going from one medication to another, trying physical therapies of one sort or another. It’s time to realise that the most powerful perspective on pain relief lies within your own mind, by gaining your own personal powerful perspective.

Understanding Chronic Pain

The sources of chronic pain are widely varied. An injury may have been a clear trigger, while for some, getting to  understand the triggers can be much more challenging. 

We know that the experience of pain quickly sensitises the mind and body, so our perception of pain and suffering can quickly become unbearable.

What is chronic pain about…really?

While acute pain is relieved as the body heals, chronic pain can become a learned protective response, making it harder and harder to treat and find relief.

However, we can exert enormous influence on our personal perception of pain, without having to resort to higher doses of medications, which often have serious side-effects.

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Powerful Perspectives
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Since pain is perceived only in the brain, we can learn to reduce our perception, greatly reducing our suffering

Our body’s natural response to injury or illness is to send a pain signal to the brain, bringing the issue into our awareness. Without this, we could remain unaware, and cause further damage without care or treatment.

While our perception of pain is vital to survival, sometimes our minds and bodies create patterns and pathways that can maintain the suffering, well past the point where it was useful.

Restore healthy patterns and pathways

We can help you work with these patterns and perceptions, removing unhelpful associations that can maintain our pain. We can access powerful resources to greatly reduce suffering, and maintain that improvement over time.