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About Powerful Perspectives

At Powerful Perspectives, we bring our own life experience to help you improve yours. We seek to understand your journey, your influences, your experience and your aspirations to help build a process and a plan to help you get to your goals.

We want to help you see that the power to change is not some unreachable power that is somehow only accessible to others. Often we compare our lives to those around us, and those we see in media, and we can find ourselves to be lacking. We wonder what it is that they have, or can do, that we somehow cannot. We are looking for an explanation, and an answer to our predicament – often expecting that the answer will be somewhere out there.

Our experience is that the answer to life’s problems is not out there – it is already within you. However, we know it can be hard to believe that when you’re in the midst of your personal struggles and challenges. Often, we cannot find the answers without a guide, because we have become limited by our own experiences, fears, beliefs and our own expectations.

At Powerful Perspectives, we use a combination of methodologies to help you reach your goals

  • Hypnosis – a proven means of accessing and adjusting our patterns, beliefs and behaviours
  • Coaching – a range of techniques to help understand our goals and make steady progress to achieving them
  • Psychotherapy – a range of modalities to uncover and address unhelpful psychological patterns and strategies


Our Location

Powerful Perspectives is based in Sydney, Australia and we see clients face-to-face in our local offices, as well as clients from all around the world via online sessions. We offer a free initial discussion so we can understand your circumstances, and you can understand our process and ask any questions that you may have. Following our discussion you may book an individual or group of sessions as you choose, and we offer flexibility in making and changing bookings to suit your needs.

Our location in Sydney is: The Cottage, 85 Old Bells Line of Road, Kurrajong NSW 2758 

Bookings & Sessions

Our online sessions are booked and paid in advance allowing us to completely focus on the issues you are dealing with during our time together.  When you have your initial free discussion, we will provide more information on how to book your session(s) and arrange suitable times for us to get together.

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Your Therapist & Coach

At Powerful Perspectives, your therapist & coach is Sean Killeen. Bringing years of experience in resolving client challenges and concerns, Sean can help you to identify your unhelpful patterns and bring a new perspective to your problems and issues. Using a strategic approach to hypnotherapy and coaching, he can help you make significant and lasting change to improve your life.

Sean is a graduate of the Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis & Strategic Psychotherapy from the Institute of Applied Psychology.

If you have questions for Sean, please complete the form below.


Other Questions?

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